Hair & Beauty Official CPD Register (HBOCR) is the Official CPD Register for the entire UK Hair & Beauty industry. It was created to enhance, continue and maintain robust standards across the various sectors of this industry.  Our aim is not only to provide an invaluable platform to assist professionals to maintain and display their CPD records, but also to build a community whereby we assist and share best practices.  As the register grows we will produce case studies and ask you to contribute and tell us how you manage your own CPD.

Having a Structured Approach pays dividends

We recommend you review your learning over the previous 12 months and set your development objectives for the coming year. Reflecting on the past and planning for the future in this way makes your development more methodical and easier to measure. You may already be doing this as part of your development review with an employer.

Here are a couple of forms which may help you and focus your thinking.  You can download them here but remember you must update your CPD records on your HBOCR Profile

PDF Downloads:

HBOCR – CPD Action Plan v2.1

HBOCR – CPD Reflection Plan v3.2

Obtain more skills

Should you wish to further your skills and seek additional training, then HBOCR are able to find the right course for you and in your local area. HBOCR will also be able to provide you with a discounted rate.

Interested to see what courses may suit you, then fill in the form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours by email or phone to discuss your options.