HBOCR Benefits

Why is CPD Important?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is becoming increasingly important.  Many governing bodies along professional indemnity insurers, employers and now end-users are looking for Professionals to maintain certain standards.  Maintaining and publishing your personal CPD records illustrates that you take seriously the position you hold, HBOCR have developed a perfect way for you manage and store all of your verifiable CPD activity.


Getting Started

To register simply click the Register button below and enter your details, making sure you keep a record of your user name and password.  There are 5 steps to create your profile, but don’t worry you can logout and return at any time to carry on and add more information.


Personal Information

  1. Create your Bio and add a Profile Image
  2. Enter your Employment Details
  3. Enter your Qualifications
  4. Enter your Employment History
  5. Create you CPD Records

Only Display the things you want seen

As you build your HBOCR Profile you get the option to ‘Hide’ items, that way you can see them and even print them off. Details you want hidden will not appear on search results.


Added Benefits

Once you are Registered you will also gain access to further added benefits.  Finding further training may be your choice, if so we have loads of courses available that will give you the added skills you need.

Job Finder

Once you have your Qualifications and begun your CPD record the world Is open to you.  Finding your perfect job can be challenging.  We have a wealth of vacancies across the entire UK, employers are looking for talented people with the required skills and professional attitude.  You can view available positions here.

CV Writer

Once you have your Qualifications, and you have begun your CPD record the world Is open to you.  Finding the right job for you can be a challenge and portraying or ‘selling’ yourself to an employer is key.  Your HBOCR profile is essentially your CV, you can print it off or copy the URL and include that within your application.
First impressions count and images are so powerful, so ensure your profile Bio sums you up perfectly and make sure you upload plenty of images that Showcase your skills.