5 Ways To Fight Frizzy Hair Right Now

I think we can all agree that frizz is just the worst. Your outfit is on point, your brows are super groomed and your hair looks great – oh wait, 10 minutes outside and your glossy blowout looks like you’ve been electrocuted.

If you don’t already know why this sad, sad story happens to pretty much all of us, the culprit is humidity (when it’s hot) that leaves moisture droplets hanging in the air. Just like drizzling rain these minute droplets mess up your ‘do by causing the cuticles in your hair shaft to lift, rather than lay flat like they do when your hair is shiny and smooth.

Seeing as the weather is currently, well, who knows what the weather is (thanks England), our poor strands have never been so stressed out. Besides packing an umbrella in your bag there are a few things you can do to prevent your hair from looking quite so poodley.

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Don’t Brush When It’s Dry

Curly or straight, this rule applies to you. Brushing dry hair lifts the cuticles and will leave your hair looking dull, rough and not so silk smooth. Instead, use a wide tooth comb in the shower when your hair has conditioner in and is still wet.


Don’t Overshampoo

Shampoo strips the hair of its natural oils which already do a pretty good job at protecting your hair from frizzing. Try to wash your hair less, or look for cleansing conditioners.


Keep A Hair Oil Close By

If there’s one thing that will stop frizz in its tracks it’s a good hair oil.

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Turn Down The Heat

Put the straighteners and curling tongs down, the ore damage you do to your hair with heat the more susceptible it will be to frizz. If you’re a total heat junkie, invest in some deep conditioning treatments.


Finish With A Protective Hairspray

This is slightly different from your average hairspray, so you wont need to overload your hair (bye, bye helmet head). Living Proof.’s No Frizz Humidity Shield, £20 (coming soon), is the holy grail, It blocks humidity which prevents frizz from forming and helps to fight it when it’s already there, it’s got a built in UV protector, too.

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August 9, 2016 3:34 pm